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Real Thai Massage Center, now we have 1 location.

Real Thai Massage Center at Bloor West Village Toronto.

Established in 2003
My name is PATTI, me my husband and two daughters landed to Canada as a skill worker. We are originally from Thailand. We are proud of our culture that popular all over the world especially Thai Food and Thai Massage.

When I saw so many tired and stressed people here, it has caused me realize that Traditional Thai Massage is a perfect healing to offer either for relaxation or treatment sick people.  So with my qualify as a Thai Masseuse, Thai Medical Massage and Thai Massage Instructor, I decided to establish my health center to give a treatment and knowledge for anybody who interesting Thai Massage.

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 10.00 – 20.00 Appointment is preferred.

For more information or booking an appointment, please make a direct call at 416 877 6419

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  • Mark Bhattacharya  says:

    Are covered by insurance companies, i.e. RMT?

    • RTMadmin  says:

      For your question, we are covered by insurance companies.

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